About Us

Baraka Upholstery is a new, impeccable upholstery business in Austin. Baraka Upholstery operates primarily in comfortable, decorative and custom furniture. We upholster beds, chairs and sofas for your home. We also upholster sofas for restaurants and hotels.  and cousins ​​the carcasses repairs of all kinds of armchairs. for your pleasure Come and discover the Baraka upholstery tapestry for all your creative needs we are here to satisfy your services. We offer you a satisfactory price with a 100% guarantee on all work. We  we have more than 30 years of experience and technique in modern tapestry and old furniture.

We are open: 9am–6pm, Monday through Friday

Location: 1706 Dungan Ln, Austin, TX 78754

Phone: (512) 300-0222